Who the Hell Said That Central Banks & Wall Street Buying into Bitcoin is Good?

Who said that governments, central banks & Wallstreet "getting into" Bitcoin is good? They have a history of destroying everything for profit, power and control at the expense of average citizens. Wallstreet does not know what true value is, hence why they short everything even if it was their own company.

It seems like a new generation of investors actually found something they can place value on and are not willing to part with it no matter how much it falls.. This also seems like something that Wall street cant comprehend.. Most of the bitcoin mined has been sitting in wallets and never sold.

So if Blackrock, central banks, governments and private equities start buying in and funneling in bitcoin through their corporate controlled boards by accepting bitcoin payments for all products/services, they can again rig the monopoly board and once again... centralize the currency and power.. While of course enriching the few who hold onto their bitcoin for a while.

The bitcoin system goes against everything that is centralized and controlled.

Playing devils advocate.. Perhaps

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